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March 4, 2008

Brett Favre retires

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After 17 Seasons, Brett Favre is calling it quits. After a great season last year, there were few who thought that Favre would hang up his cleets for good. There was speculation that Favre was hoping the Packers were going to go after WR Randy Moss this offseason (like last offseason) and once Moss signed with the Pats he called and told the coach he was retiring. Favre did say that the decision to not pursue Moss had nothing to do with his decision to retire.

The Packers now hand the reins to former 1st round selection Aaron Rodgers. In limited playing time in his 3 years with the team, Rodgers has done fairly well, including last year in Dallas when Favre got hurt in the opening quarter and Rodgers came in and almost guided the team to a victory.


May 30, 2007

I’m Engaged

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Nate engagement

Even though I really haven’t talked about Amanda on my blog at all, I thought I would give you the news that I proposed to her last Saturday at Navy Pier, and she said yes!

My plan originally was to propose on June 1st, but she found out the date while I was talking to her mom, so I had to quickly switch gears and make it May 26th. Because she thought that it was going to be on June first she was not expecting it on the 26th, so she was completely surprised. At first she didn’t even realize that I was going to propose when I showed up in Chicago at Navy Pier. She just thought that I was going to spend the day with her. Well, I went down on one knee in front of many people at Navy Pier and proposed right then. Right after that we went on a boat ride along the pier and then spend the afternoon in Chicago alone. It was a wonderful day.

For those of you who don’t know Amanda, she is the most amazing person I have ever known. She is so caring, compassionate, selfless, loving, generous, and the most important thing, she loves Christ with all her heart. I am so excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with her. I hope you all get to meet her in December or before.

May 12, 2007

Mother’s Day is upon us again

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Well, even though I may not be the best blogger, I try to catch the big events and holidays. Mother’s Day is no exception.

You all may disagree with me, but my Mom is the best Mom in the world. She has done so many things for me through the years. When I was little she was there to put a bandaid on my scraped knee. She always kissed it to make it feel better. She always encouraged me when I was learning to play the piano. She stayed up late at night to just talk with me. I consider that our time of the day. It has meant a lot to me that she is so very interested in my everyday life. She cried when she had to say goodbye to me when I went off to Bethel, but she knew that it was the best thing for me. Throughout college I would recieve random notes from her telling me how much she loves me. After college, when I was struggling to find a job, she would be encouraging me once again that God has the perfect job for me. Even now, just 2 weeks ago I received a voice mail message on my cell phone from her just telling me that I’m the best. But, the greatest thing that she continues to give me is prayer. I am so blessed to have a godly mother who loves me and has taught me about the love of Christ as I was growing up.

Mom, I may not express it everytime I talk to you, but I am so thankful for you and I love you. Thank you for everything you have done. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

April 26, 2007

Please Welcome Jakob (Jake) James Schwalm to the world…

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Jake Picture
I am a very excited uncle for the third time. Jake came into the world on Monday morning at 8:02AM (Phoenix time). He weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long. He and his mom are doing very well.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers through the pregnancy and delivery. I am excited to meet him for the first time in June (I think). I look forward to watching him grow in his life. I know my brother and sister-in-law will be great parents, because they have been with their other son, Nikolas.

March 2, 2007

Rant again??? I don’t think so

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Well, I was already to give another one of my nice rants. I know, it’s been a while. Although ranting is fun, it’s probably not a Christian thing to do. I have learned many things from my girlfriend, but two of the more important things are grace and forgiveness.

I had a bad day today at work. My boss had a meeting with me because I didn’t totally fulfill my responsibilities as the rate maintenance person on a deadline day. Two days earlier: I had my terminal all cleaned out and I left for the day (25 minutes late). A co-worker told me, “you can’t leave, I have a ticket for you.” I basically said to myself, “I’m already leaving late and it’s not my problem she got this done too late for me to do anything about it.” Well, it was my problem, and because I didn’t do it that day, there will be some impact going back to the customer.

Back to today: My boss talked to be about being salaried, and how I need to make sure everything gets done on deadline days. I definitely felt anger toward my coworker who was late in sending me the ticket and my boss who yelled at me for not getting that done. But, I should have taken responsibility for my actions and I shouldn’t have been angry at my co-worker and boss.

After talking and praying with my girlfriend tonight, I realize that I have to show grace and forgiveness to them. I also need to realize that God shows these very things to us each and every day. It just amazes me to think that we have a God that loves us so much that He would give us His only Son to die so that our sins could be forgiven. We have to show that same forgiveness to people who have hurt us or angered us. If you think about God’s love, it suddenly becomes so much easier to forgive others.

So, next time someone does something that hurts you or angers you, show grace and forgiveness to them. It’s so much better than carrying around all that baggage. Be a light to the world.

February 12, 2007

Favre coming back for a 17th Season

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Well, in case you are living under a rock, I just thought I would tell you that Brett Favre is returning for his 17th season. He has a great chance to break some of the great records for QBs.

Most wins by a starting QB: 148
Favre sits tied for second all-time at 147 with Marino, just one victory behind John Elway.

Most passing attempts: 8,358
Favre, with 8,223 throws, needs just 136 attempts to best Marino in this category, less than one-fourth of his 600-plus season totals in the last two years.

Most passing yards: 61,361
Favre, at 57,500 yards, needs 3,862 more to surpass Marino here, a single-season total he topped each of the last three seasons.

Most TD passes: 420
Dan Marino’s mark will be eclipsed with seven more TD passes by Favre, who has 414.

In case you didn’t catch the Super Bowl ad, here it is…

January 11, 2007

I’m an Uncle… AGAIN!!!!!

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Nate and Trevor

I would like you all to welcome Trevor James Krominga into the world. He was born at 1:37pm on New Years Day (not quite the first baby of the year). He was 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 20.5 inches long. He and his mother are doing well.

Although I didn’t get to hold him because I arrived late, I saw him through the glass in the nursery. I can’t wait to shower him with love. It’s nice that I’m only 3 hours away instead of 3 hours (by plane) away. Hopefully I’ll be the “fun” uncle. All I know is he will constantly be in my prayers.

Trevor, Don’t let your dad turn you into a Patriots fan, they are evil. GO PACKERS!!!

December 11, 2006

Vacation in Phoenix

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Nikolas and Uncle Nate

Many of you know I recently took some vacation to see my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. I had a great time relaxing, playing with Nikolas, and spending time with my bro. We made sure to pack our schedule with many things to do.

I arrived there Wednesday late morning and spent the day with my brother and Nikolas. I’ll tell you, Nikolas enjoys life. He is constantly laughing and having a good ol’ time. Besides playing with his daddy and mommy, Nikolas enjoys playing with Tia (their big Alaskan Husky). Nikolas is a bundle of joy, and I wish I could spend more time with him. I always want to find some excuses to journey down there, and Nikolas is a pretty good one.

I was only able to Nikolas and Dawn for 2 days because they flew up to Rockford for my sister’s baby shower. While they were gone my brother and I went to a Coyotes game, went golfing twice, saw Casino Royal and Stranger than Fiction, walked around the University of Phoenix Stadium (I know it’s a ridiculous name for a pro stadium) and played a little catch with a mini football, and then went to Cabella’s. When we stayed home we played a bit of Playstation 2 and gorged ourselves in junk food.

I always enjoy going down to Phoenix (especially in the winter when it’s cold everywhere else). Hopefully I’ll be able to make it down there during the Super Bowl and FBR Open next year, and I’ll have a second nephew to spoil too. I’m looking forward to that.

November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving: Past and Present

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I want you to think about the traditions that you have had or are creating right now for Thanksgiving. I remember what our family did for several years. We used to travel about an hour away (which seemed like forever as a kid) to my mom’s cousin’s house. I remember all of the great food, the pooltable in the basement, the video games that we played, the football games that were on, and most of all I remember the great fellowship with family and friends. I remember hearing stories from my Pap, laughter all night long, and just gathering together. Every Thanksgiving I always say, Let’s go to Bonnie and George’s!!!! The only problem is, they live in Alabama now. We have to create our own traditions now.

This year my parents and I are traveling to Toledo, Ohio to see my dad’s side of the family. Even though I’m not as close to them as I’d like to be, it will be nice to see everyone and spend time with loved ones. I know I’ll still get to enjoy that great apple pie that my Pap used to make (because my mom is making it) and a couple of pumpkin pies that my grandma will make, so it’ll still be some great eating. Even though we get older and traditions change, the one thing that binds us all together is love.

I am so very thankful for all that God has blessed me with. I have just amazing parents who love me and would do anything for me. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I’m thankful for a wonderful job that I enjoy and am pretty good at.

I’m thankful for so many friends who love me like a brother. I thank God everyday for these wonderful people who I met at different times in my life. These friendships are different than most friendships: They are different because nothing can break us a part.

I am the most thankful for a God who loved me so much that He gave His Son to die for all of my sins.

Please, take the time to let those special people in your life know how much they mean to you.

November 20, 2006

Cubs sign Soriano to 8 years/136 M contract

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I was talking to my friend a few days ago, and he asked me whatI thought about the Cubs next year. I told him that I the signing of Mark DeRosa just wasn’t going to do it. I said they needed to get Soriano. The Cubs did just that. He will be the new leadoff hitter for the Cubs.

The Cubs lineup is starting to look better. How does this look?

(insert left fielder)

I hear the Cubs might go after Carlos Lee or Clift Floyd. But, everyone knows that dominant pitching always beats dominant hitting. If the Cubs sign either Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito they can make a legitimate run. It could be an exciting year for Chicago.

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